Millions of people around the world are opting for car leasing to fit their changing lifestyles and needs. Innovative technology and flexibility in mobility drive successful individuals to prefer leasing, and the fast-changing trends in the automotive industry in the Philippines today make this the right time to pursue sheer driving pleasure in the easiest way possible.

Introducing FlexiLease, BMW’s newest operating lease program, which offers flexibility for those who want to experience the joy of driving a BMW. With FlexiLease, you can enjoy a lower initial deposit, lower monthly payments, and a different brand of joy every time.

BMW’s world renowned engineering expertise.
Now applied to financing.

Because BMW is at the forefront of financial innovation, new developments in today’s market have now allowed us to offer another method that offers substantial advantages for certain individuals or companies—advantages that include low deposit, low maintenance costs, and an easy way to upgrade to a new BMW when new models are introduced.